A Winning Look – Casino Clothing Styles for Women

While seasoned gamblers might consider a trip to the casino just another day, most people consider going to a casino to be a special occasion, something to dress up for. For men, dressing for a night at the casino is pretty simple, as a classy suit or smart jacket and tie combo is usually the right call. For women, on the other hand, there are a few different clothing styles that you can consider.

Some people think that casual is the right way to go for a casino, especially when playing during the day. This is true, though it should be smart casual, not sweat pants and a t-shirt like you would wear at home playing mobile games like those covered at 777mobi.com. In Las Vegas, a summer dress and upscale sandals or even a bold blouse and skirt would be ideal during the long, hot days.

When you hit the tables, restaurants, and night clubs at night, it is time to truly hit the town in style. Different land-based casinos, just like their online counterparts covered at www.casinocoverage.com, have their own personality, and call for their own styles. The Stratosphere, which caters to families, is a little more relaxed, and you only need a dress or a smart pants and blouse combo to go out there.

Other casinos, like The Bellagio, require something more. If your night out involves a trip to a nice restaurant, a few hours at the tables, and then dancing all night in the club, a sequined dress or black pants with a metallic top would be perfect. If your night is a little more upscale, fine dining, baccarat, and cocktails in the bar, then an elegant black dress or a slim pencil skirt with a red or blue top and some fine silver jewelery will make you feel like a winner.


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